Clinical Services - Ed Glauser, M.Ed., N.C.C., LPC, LCMHC, RYT-200
I use mindfulness, yoga instruction, clinical hypnosis and mind body medicine approaches to help self-regulate a wide range of conditions including:

•Decreasing Physical Pain, Distress, Fatigue & Illness
•Alleviating feelings of Depression, Stress, Trauma, Grief & Loss 
•Lessening Anxiety, Panic, Sleep Deprivation and Other Stress Disorders 
•Enhancing Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy for Personal, Career & Life Success
•Enriching Marriage, Family, Workplace, and Other Relationships 
•Finding more meaning, energy, greater health, and well-being in all parts of your life

Unlearn Your Pain, Stress & Trauma Individual Counseling 

A Mind Body Behavioral Pain, Stress and Trauma Management program for anyone experiencing pain and distress from various medical and psychological conditions. Participants will unlearn their pain, stress and trauma through an interactive, informative and reflective program pioneered by Howard Schubiner, MD from his book "Unlearn Your Pain." Dr. Schubiner, cited over the last decade as one of the best physicians in the US has trained Mr. Glauser to facilitate this program. Through journaling exercises, mindfulness-based meditations, clinical hypnosis, information on self-regulating pain and distress, and affective release dialogue with one's medical and psychological pain, clients will be able to learn and apply the skills to Unlearn Pain. For more information, please email or call 706-202-3590. 

Office Hours:  We schedule distance counseling appointments only. Payment for services may be reimbursable by your managed-care health plans.  My fee per clinical hour is $100 at time of service for on-line counseling sessions. Credit Card payment only. Please contact me for my 24 hour cancellation policy.  (Exclusively seeing clients online residing in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Texas)


 Engaged and compassionate mind body clinical services to effectively manage stress, relationships, trauma, pain and insomnia
Mind Body Medicine Network, LLC